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Why Apitopia?

Are you daunted by the prospect of trying to build your own authentication workflows? Do existing customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions lack customizability or multi-tenant support? We have you covered!

Apitopia is a CIAM platform with first class support for multi-tenant applications. You can either rely on our hosted authentication workflows, or you can customize the experience by integrating with our APIs. Let us handle all the work of securely authenticating your users so that you can focus on your core business.

Multi-Tenant Support

Isolate your application users within each tenant. Allow tenants to access their auth workflow pages with their own vanity domain. Customize the workflow experience uniquely for each tenant.

Hosted Onboard UI

Take advantage of our fully-hosted onboarding workflow pages to get your application up and running quickly. Migrate to a self-hosted solution on a page-by-page basis at any time.

Multiple Auth Workflows

Support for passwords, passwordless, and social logins to cover any authentication requirement. Support for additional authentication workflows are continually being added to the platform.

Best Practice Security

Benefit from OAuth 2.1 and OIDC compliance, signing key rotation support, refresth token rotation support, and hashed passwords. The platform is designed with GDPR and CCPA in mind.

Flexible Configurations

Customize your application experience with configurable branding, user schema definitions, and workflows. Control security risk levels with configurable token lifetimes, session policies, and email expiration times.

Developer-Friendly APIs

Enjoy highly-performant, scalable, and flexible REST APIs with partial updates and field-level filtering on retrieval. Leverage our custom query language to find the exact data you need.

How to Get Started

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    Sign up for your free Apitopia account to access our Dashboard.

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    Register your app in our Dashboard, and create any user data you might want.

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    Follow a quick tutorial along with our code examples to integrate your code with our APIs.

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Who Should Use Apitopia?

Early Startups

Validating your startup idea is paramount to success. Building your market and optimizing conversion rates matters most. Get a proper user management and authentication platform from day one without sacrificing time to market. When you finally find your product market fit, our platform will scale to meet your needs.

Small & Midsize Businesses

Business is growing, and now you want to evolve into a major industry player. The Apitopia platform is built to scale alongside your business, whether it is B2C, B2B, or both. We help you keep your focus on supporting existing customer needs as well as developing future product roadmaps. If necessary, migrating to custom pages that you build is easy when the time comes to further enhance your brand.

Enterprise Companies

Want a better way to manage your multi-tenant customer data with enterprise-level support? Partnering with Apitopia can streamline the authentication and user management processes for each tenant. Use our flexible tenant-level configurations to customize the authentication experience to meet your tenants' needs. This reduces organizational costs by eliminating the need for custom authentcation code for each tenant.

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