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Identity and Access Management (IAM) are the foundation of any app. As the IT landscape shifts towards microservice architectures and platform-centric applications, simple authentication solutions are no longer viable. Instead, developers must now be proficient with a myriad of complex IAM specifications and protocols. Building and maintaining APIs around these protocols and integrating them into your architecture costs time, money, and expertise. Furthermore, keeping user data secure while providing a good end-user experience is also a tricky balance. Even the most sophistacated systems can leave both your customers and your app developers wanting something more intuitive.

Apitopia provides developer-friendly APIs for modern identity management and authentication. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your core business!

Simplified Integration

Get up and running in 30 minutes or less. Make a few clicks in our Dashboard after you sign up for an account. Then it's just a matter of calling a few REST APIs from your code. You can also leverage our pre-built HTML onboarding forms and API client libraries.

APIs That Scale With You

Our carefully-designed APIs are scalable, configurable, and highly performant. Enjoy partial updates, searchable fields, and being able to request only the data you need. Call our orchestration APIs for simple default onboarding workflows or inject your own API calls to extend our platform.

Control at Every Level

For advanced configuration and data isolation needs, Apitopia's multi-tenancy data model and authorization framework allows you to control differing customer configurations all in one place. Easily navigate our dashboard to manage user and group policies and permissions for different organziations.

Feature Highlights

  • Easily implement common user workflows, such as user registration, secure login, password resets, and user invitations.
    Manage SCIM-compliant profile data for all of your users easily and securely across your applications.
  • Secure your user data for any type of application with OAuth2 and OpenID, multi-factor authentication, and passwordless logins.
    Set customer-specific configurations for different organizations by leveraging our multi-tenant data model and rules engine.
  • Link to external user accounts and integrate with various identity providers, such as Facebook, Github, and more.
    Create roles and permissions with our Authorization framework to ensure users only access the data they are allowed to.
  • Customize email templates to send to users during common onboarding and authentication workflows or whenever their data changes.
    SOC2, Privacy Shield, and GDPR/CCPA compliances ensure your customer data is in good hands.
  • And much more to come...

How to Get Started

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    Sign up for your free Apitopia account to access our Dashboard.

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    Register your app in our Dashboard, and create any user data you might want.

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    Follow a quick tutorial to pick the client SDK library and UI component libraries you'll need.

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    Copy code examples from our REST API reference into your app code and adjust it as needed.

    API Reference

Our multi-tenant microservice architecture powers your applications through REST API integration.

Utilize our Dashboard app to manage your applications, configure policies for your tenants, customize email templates, and more.

Who Should Use Apitopia?

Early Startups

Validating your startup idea is paramount to success. Building your market and optimizing conversion rates matters most. Get a proper user management and authentication platform from day one without sacrificing time to market. When you finally find your product market fit, our platform will scale to meet your needs.

Small & Midsize Businesses

Business is growing, and now you want to evolve into a major industry player. Apitopia provides the tools to transform your business into an API platform. We help you keep your focus on supporting existing customer needs as well as developing future product roadmap.

Enterprise Companies

Want a better way to manage your multi-tenant, multi-regional customer data? Partnering with Apitopia can reduce organizational costs when your business is looking to decouple from legacy architecture. We work with you to make integration painless. Get industry standards and compliances as well as enterprise-level support to put your mind at ease.

We eat our own dog food.

Our webapp is powered by the same APIs that you use!

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